(Q1). What is a typical class like?
(A). Friendly, welcoming, challenging, will push you, satisifying and fun.

(Q2). How long are the classes?
(A). 45 minutes to one hour and 15 minutes.

(Q3). Do I need to be a boxer to attend the classes?
(A). No, you do not need to be a boxer, our classes teach from beginners to advanced levels.

(Q4). How fit do I need to be to attend the classes?
(A). Our classes welcome all fitness levels. Regular attendance will help to increase your fitness and improve your body conditioning. You will feel an improvement in your fitness and conditioning after a couple of weeks.

(Q5). Will I be shouted at?
(A). No, we are not a bootcamp, we are here to help you to achieve your boxing technique and fitness goals.  We have developed a hardworking, fun and positive environment.

(Q6). What do your classes involve?
(A). Our classes involve a warm up, dynamic stretches, then shadow boxing, footwork and partner technique drills, partner technique exercises, padwork, bagwork, optional light sparring, finishing off with a boxing body conditioning exercise circuit, then a cool down and stretch out.

(Q7).What should I wear?
(A). Comfortable clothing such as a t-shirt and tracksuit bottoms or shorts, and a good pair of trainers or boxing boots.

(Q8). Where are your classes?
(A). We are now based in one venue for our indoor classes, Bodyline Studio in Ealing Broadway.

(Q9). What should I bring to the classes?
(A). All boxing equipment is provided initially, just bring a bottle of water, a pair of handwraps and an optional small towel. Handwraps will be provided at your first class, after that you can buy a pair from the boxing coach or you can purchase your own from sports shops.  Free pair of handwraps when you book a block of classes or boxing personal training sessions.  General class boxing gloves provided for the first class, thereafter gloves can be bought from us or from a sports shop.

(Q10). Can I bring a friend along?
(A). Yes of course! If they decide to buy a block of sessions, we will give you both an extra class free.

(Q11). How do I pay for a class or personal training session?
(A). You can pay in advance by bank transfer or you can pay by cash on the day.

(Q12). Is there a cancellation fee, if I need to cancel at short notice?
(A). Yes for boxing personal training and personal training sessions, there is a 24 hours cancellation period. If you are unable to attend a session and cancel within the 24 hour period, there is a 100% cancellation charge.
If you have prepaid for a class and unable to attend the class, you can transfer the class booking to another date, as long as you do it with 12 hours notice.

(Q13). Can I suspend my session blocks if sick or injured?
(A). Yes, just give us as much notice as possible.

(Q14). Our Records?
(A). We like to keep records of our members’ attendance and progress, in order to reward exceptional regulars and to help everyone to progress helping them to achieve their exercise goals.

(Q15). Photos & Filming?

(A). Occasionally we will take photo’s and do some filming of boxing classes and boxing personal training sessions to be used on our website and social media outlets.  We will always ask in advance to ensure that everyone is happy to be involved.