Trainer Testimonials:

Anna Buckley


“Great class last night…bit broken today though!  I’m really enjoying the sessions and was afraid I’d be too unfit to participate fully but that’s not the case.  The time flies by, the people who come are really supportive and Anna’s got a great teaching style.  I will get rid of these bingo wings in no time!” (Clare – September 2017)

“Great class where we were taught the basics of boxing from scratch.  We were progressed to new techniques & moves as we got used to them.  Small class so we got individual attention too.  Amazing for fitness, we were shattered by the end!  Very highly recommended”. (February 2017)

“Enjoying training, learning new techniques and progressing in each class I attend”.  I enjoy the partner technique drills, using the punchbag, and the chances to test out my skills”. (David – February 2017)

“Thanks so much for today!  Had lots of fun”. (Shalisha – January 2017)

“This is a great class for beginners & accomplished boxers.  A great atmosphere, not overcrowded, with a very supportive female coach (less intimidating for the ladies), and room to progress fast.  Perfect to improve fitness.  I will definitely sign up long term”. (Valerie –  January 2017)


“Great class, enjoyed the training today”. (Adam)

“Anna is a joy to train with, she is a positive and motivating presence.  She handles large and small groups just as well as working with an individual, and is happy to get involved in pad work and sparring if necessary.  Anna clearly trains and learns intensively herself and is always looking to pass on demanding new techniques and exercises to me.  She pays great attention to detail and is constantly creative about thinking up new exercises and always clearly explains how they will be relevant to boxing.  She is incredibly enthusiastic about boxing.  A good number of people religiously attend her classes and I have seen great results in their fitness and technique as a result.  I myself, as a former marathon runner, have never developed levels of fitness like I have since training with Anna and I am very grateful for her attention to my development.  I recommend trying her training”. (Sam)

“Thanks for training, it was tough, but I enjoyed it”. (Jan)

“Thanks Anna, I have learnt so much in the last 4 months through the boxing classes and personal training sessions.  I really enjoy training, it pushes me all the way.  My technique has improved and I feel so much more confident when training against other class participants”. (Dan)

“Really enjoyed Anna’s boxing class”. (Lien)

“Boom!  14:18:00.  Job done.  Thank you so much for all you did for me Anna.  It was tough, due to heat and no wetsuit allowed.  But feeling great”. (Alistair Corrie – 1st Iron Man Competition completed on 27th & 28th August)


Jon Hudson

“Great experience and fun class with Jon”. (Valerie – August 2017)

“Very good boxing class with Jon last Saturday, he worked us hard, enjoyed the class”. (Caroline)

“Thank you Jon, the weekly training sessions with you have been fantasic.  Look forward to seeing you at the next session”. (John)

“Great training with Jon”. (David)


Raman Akay

“I thought the class with Raman was excellent and I got a lot out of it.  I felt it was more my level as I did kick-boxing and muay thai for many years and it’s all coming back to me now”.
(Marina – 2017)
“The class was really good.  Seemed like everyone enjoyed it.  Did a lot of technique drills, we all were on the pads with Raman about 3 times then finished with core work”. (Aey – 2017)
“Loved the class Raman ran, can’t wait until the next one”.
(Anthony – 2017)

“Raman’ class was a great workout, and great teaching”. (Valerie – March 2017)


“Class was very good, I enjoyed it”. (Terry)

“Raman’s boxing class was very good. Raman ran a very professional class.  It was hard work – the warm up alone was knackering.  But it ran well – warm up, boxing practice and then circuits, and a great cool down and stretch bit.  Raman was charismatic and made sure everyone was engaged”. (Jan)

“Loved the boxing class”. (Adele & Lien)

“All good.  Raman is great – v.funny.  We both enjoyed the class and found it quite challenging”. (Caroline & Danny)



July 2017

“Hard class, learnt a lot and enjoyed it”. (Rasha & Mohammed)