Boxing Tips – Part 6 – Punching Power

In our last blog we took a look at conditioning tips to help improve boxing performance in training and competitions.  Today we look at short tips to improve punching power.

5 Short Tips To Improve Punching Power

No.1:  Throw A Punch with Correct Technique

Knowing how to throw a punch properly, with added power is important to keep your balance and correct stance, enabling you to set up your next punch, defend and counter attack or move away.

IMG_3398No.2:  Strengthen Your Hands

Strong hands and fists are important, they are your tools in boxing.  Without strong hands and fists hand injuries can occur.  There are different ways to strengthen your hands, without damaging them, leading to stronger fingers, fists and punching power.

Examples include: digging your hands into a bucket of sand or rice with your fingertips first / punching sandbags / squeezing a rubber ball / push ups on your fingers / press ups on your fists / squeezing a hand grip / tyre hammer swings.

IMG_3435No.3:  Strengthen Your Legs

The strength and control of your movement in boxing and mainly the power in your punches, comes from your legs, then your hips, through to your upperbody, then arms.  Thus, it’s important to have strong legs.

Running increases the aerobic endurance in your legs, but anaerobic endurance provides explosive power.  Some exercises which help improve explosive power include jumping squats / squats with medicine ball throws / box step ups / wall jumps / single leg wall step ups / jumping lunges / skipping with ankle weights / free standing jumps / long jumps / stair jumps / hurdle jumps.

Female exercise with medicine ball. Phase 2 of 2, throwing.No.4:  Improve Upper Body Rotation

You can produce extra velocity by rotating your shoulders and torso, which in turn will increase your punching power, and the opportunity to throw a knockout punch.  Many boxers struggle to rotate their torso and shoulders when they’re tired and will often end up hitting arm punches, which have less power and accuracy.  Swinging a baseball bat against a heavy bag produces the same motion as throwing a punch.  Also holding a medicine ball with both hands at chest level, straightening your arms and rotating your torso continuously from left to right.

IMG_3410No.5:  Box Within Proper Range

Work on getting the fighting distance right, not moving too close to your opponent that it puts you in trouble, and not being too far away, that your punches are not reaching the target or are over-extending and are inaccurate, slow, too weak and ineffective.

Over extending your punches is dangerous, because it will leave you off balance, open for counter punches and even injured by reaching too far with your arms and pulling a muscle.

Make sure you get into proper range before letting your punches go.


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