Boxing Tips – Part 4 – Punching Types

In our last blog post we covered short tips on how to punch faster.  This blog post covers the main types of punches.  

Types of Punching

There are different types of punches:

Jabs, Crosses, Left Hook, Right Hook, Left Upper Cut, Right Upper Cut, Left Over Hand, Right Over Hand

The 5 main punches include:


Frau beim Boxtraining  Seen as the most important punch in boxing. This punch is thrown with the lead hand, whether you are positioned in an orthodox or Southpaw stance. It can be a weak punch, but at the same time the most effective as it allows the boxer to probe and determine the distance of their opponent, keeping them at bay, as well as the chance to set up power punches. Some boxers have very strong jabs which can stun their opponent, while others have a pawing jab, which only helps to gauge distance.


A cross (aka a straight right) is a straight punch thrown from the back / rear hand. This is the most effective power punch from a distance because it travels in a straight line allowing it to hit the target quicker and with more accuracy. This punch is popular when thrown in a one two combination, a jab followed by a cross.



(Coach Anna throwing a right hook)

A semi-circular punch aimed at your opponents side of their head. The intermediate level punch. A punch that can generate a lot of power and is used to try to knock down or knock out your opponent.




An uppercut punch is a short punch and is usually used when your opponent puts their head too low or in front of their lead foot.

Coach Anna throwing an right uppercut)

(Coach Anna throwing a right uppercut)

It can be a risky punch because if you miss, you’ll be off balance and leave yourself open to counter punches.

An ideal punch thrown when you have your opponent in the corner of the ring.




The overhand is a punch thrown with your back / rear hand and travels over your head in a looping fashion. It’s an advanced punch that requires good timing to land because it’s easier to see this punch coming from a distance.


To learn how to throw these types of punches correctly, to defend against them and to counter attack.  We run two boxing classes a week, as well as boxing personal training sessions.  All training is with friendly, qualified and experienced coaches.

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