Boxing Tips – Part 3B – Fast Punches

In our last blog post we covered 5 short tips on how to punch faster.   Below are some more short tips.  Give them a try.

Plyometric Drills

A form of exercise that focuses on explosive power and movement.  A very important part of training for sports that require quickness, speed and power.  Vital for boxing to allow boxers the chance to exert the maximum amount of force in the shortest period of time possible against their opponent or against a punch bag.
For boxers the ability to move quickly to avoid or release punches is vital.  It makes all the difference between whether you hit your opponent or they hit you first.
Useful plyometric exercises for boxing include:
(1). Battle Ropes: alternate up & down waves with the arms, double waves, power slam, side slam, shoulder circles
(2). Jumping on and off box steps: forward jumps, sideway jumps, double feet jumps, single legged jumps, alternate leg jumps
* Hurdle Jumps: jumping forwards with two feet, single legged jumps, sideway jumps
* Free Standing Jumps: long jumps, vertical jumps, stair jumps
(3). Medicine Ball Exercises: forward sit up throws, sideway throws, standing upward throws, medicine ball slams
Female exercise with medicine ball. Phase 2 of 2, throwing.
(4). Push Ups: slow on the way down, fast on the way up or clap push ups on your toes or knees
IMG_3435 (Coach Anna during boxing conditioning training)
(5). Hammer or Baseball Swings: swing and hit a hammer onto a tyre or hit a baseball bat against a heavy bag
(6). Skipping: double jumps
(7). Kettlebell Swings: using both hands or single hands
 Young fitness female exercise with kettle bell. Mixed race woman doing crossfit workout on grey background. Kettlebell swing.


Check out more short tips to help improve your boxing technique and conditioning next week.


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