Boxing Tips – Part 3 – Fast Punches

In our last blog post we covered shadow boxing and breathing.  Today we take a look at how to punch faster. 

Benefits of Having Fast Hands?

  • Effective Punches are the ones that you don’t see coming because of the speed.  The result could be a knockdown and even a knockout.
  • A flurry of fast punches can put your opponent off when they’re not expecting punches.
  • If you and your opponent throw punches at the same time, you may beat them to the punch.

There are many ways to help boxers to punch faster. Below are 5 short tips to increase the speed of your punches.  Next week we will look at some more.

(1). Loading

Faster punching doesn’t mean harder punches.  Loading up on the punches for more power, doesn’t make the punches faster.  Don’t focus on power, just speed.

(2). Focus

Focus your mind and imagine yourself hitting the pads, punch bag or your opponent as fast as you can.

(3). Relax

Relax your body and you will punch faster!  Being relaxed in movement allows you to move with the flow without tension and stress.  The most relaxed muscle has the most potential for moving at maximum speed.  However, try to avoid being too relaxed and becoming lazy.  Being lazy in movement means that you are moving without control and purpose.

How to relax for a faster punch: 
Firstly, don’t tighten your fist all the time.  Instead keep those hands relaxed and tighten them into fists just before the moment of impact.  When in doubt, relax those hands even more.  Keep your shoulders loose instead of hunched.  Don’t flex your biceps or tighten any other part of your body before the punch.
boxer training
(4). Speed Ball
The speed ball is an important tool as it helps improve hand-to-eye co-ordination, timing and to keep your hands up in the guard up position.  Having good hand-to-eye co-ordination means that you will be able to register the target in your mind quicker and therefore, hit the target just as quick.


(5). Floor to Ceiling Ball

The floor to ceiling ball is effective for improving your reflexes because it is a fast moving target.  It requires a watchful eye and good timing, so when you’re using it, just focus on hitting the target fast and accurately.

IMG_3472 (Coach Anna hitting the floor to ceiling ball at All Stars Boxing Club)

Start off with one or two straight punches, and once you get a good sense of timing, increase the number of punches and add combinations to include hooks, uppercuts and defensive work.

Check out more good tips to improve the speed of your punches coming next week.


The Take A Pop Boxing Team