Continuing our weekly key tips to help improve your boxing, this week we take a look at boxing stance:

5 Short Tips To Improve Your Boxing

Having a proper stance is extremely important, there is no such thing as a “perfect” stance, however, there are necessary actions which need to be taken to help optimize movement, balance, punch power, defensive and offensive prowess.

Tip One: Face forward with your feet shoulder-width apart.  Most orthodox boxers (right-handed boxers) place their left foot in front, and their right foot offset.  Most southpaws (left-handed boxers) place their right foot in front, and their left foot offset.  The feet should be parallel to each other and point at or near a 45-degree angle towards the target.  Imagine a line drawn from the centre of your body to the target and keeping one foot on either side of the line.

Good Foot Placement

Tip Two: Bend the knees slightly.  The torso should be turned slightly inward to prevent shots from landing directly to the abdominal area and solar plexus.  The lead shoulder also turns inward with the torso.  The chin should be tucked to the lead shoulder to prevent a boxer from taking punches cleanly to the head.  A well-tucked chin often prevents knockouts from occurring.

Frau beim BoxtrainingTip Three: To form a stance of optimal punch power and mobility, spread your toes and lift your heels off the ground in order to be on the balls of your feet.  An important step to enable a boxer to move forwards, backwards, left to right, different directions, to pivot to either side and to keep balance.  All enabling a boxer to attack openings on the opponent and avoid incoming punches.

Tip Four: Most boxers have equal distribution between their legs and slightly favour their back leg. Whether a boxer chooses to have their weight evenly distributed or prefers to have more weight on a particular leg in a relaxed stance, the distribution when effectively throwing most punches is universal.  A boxer may start out favoring a leg.  However, they must change their weight distribution throughout a fight as they bob and weave and position themselves to throw punches with the greatest possible power.

Boxing StanceTip Five: The choice of hand placement varies among boxers of different styles.  It all depends upon the distance between a boxer and their opponent at a particular moment in a fight.  Most boxers keep both hands close to the face, though.  This protects the head and enables incoming shots to be blocked by the hands.

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