Boxing Tips – Part 2 – Shadow Boxing

Two Boxing Tips

In our last blog post we covered boxing stance, footwork and guard up hands placement.  Today we take a look at Shadow Boxing and Breathing.

(1). Shadow Boxing

Shadow Boxing involves training against an imaginary opponent.  It is used as part of a warm up in boxing training sessions as it helps to practice attack, defensive and footwork skills, loosen up the muscles and prepare the boxer mentally for the advanced part of training.  It is beneficial to practice your skills, correcting technique, in front of a mirror if available, however, shadow boxing can be performed anywhere, in a gym, in the garden, in a park, inside your home, while out jogging. Whatever the venue, make the most of the time to practice your skills, focusing on attacking and defending, head and body shots, different types of defence, punching combinations, slow and fast punches and footwork.

(2). Breathing

Breathe out when throwing out a punch.

How little or how much you exhale with each breath depends on your skill.  A perfectly balanced, well-coordinated, skilled puncher can throw powerful shots with little exhalation and little energy.  A beginner brawler will need lots of exhalation and lots of energy.  Top fighters breathe sharply and move sharply.  This type of quick burst breathing is what leads to snapping punches, quick defensive reflexes, and sharp footwork.


Check out more good tips to improve your boxing coming on Monday.


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